The 7th ECR Forum 2011 in Russia. Social Media Engaging your community.

ECR Community 2011.06.10

Publication Date: 2011 Publication Language: Russian Publication Country/Region: ECR Russia Publication Type: Presentation Companies involved: Socialnie Seti, Imperia Pizza, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Grape, Vkontakte, Qsoft Author: Andrey Yablonskik, Andrey Vasiliev, Andrey Kazakov, Andrey Anischenko, Tatjana Plutalova, Michail Tokovinin

Social Media. Engaging your community.
Brand promotion in Social Media has become already a trend, but is it so efficient as everybody says? Building communities, pros and cons, how much does it cost and why it is better than other advertising media or what?

Социальные медиа: cоздавая сообщество.
Построение сообществ, за и против, сколько это стоит и чем это лучше или хуже других каналов рекламы.


  • Andrey Yablonskik, Account Director, Socialnie Seti; 
  • Andrey Vasiliev, Marketing Director, Imperia Pizza; 
  • Andrey Kazakov, Marketing Manager, Wimm-Bill-Dann; 
  • Andrey Anischenko, General Manager, Grape; 
  • Tatjana Plutalova, Partners Relations Manager, Vkontakte; 
  • Michail Tokovinin, General Manager, Qsoft;

ECR Forum 2011 BO63 Wimm Bill Dann Andrey Kazakov