Pallet Assessment Cards, version 4.0, February 2012

We are pleased to announce publication of the latest

This simple tool, developed by ECR Poland becomes more & more popular, helping people distinguish pallets and assess their quality  in Europe.

Please feel free to check them!
English version:
Polish version:

Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian versions soon to follow.

Should you be interested in adapting Pallet Assessment Cards to your local language, please do not hesitate to contact ECR Poland.

RTI Baltic Standard proposal (Dimensions of 3 crates set for Dairy produce)

Since 2007 Manufacturers and Retailers have been trying to come to agreement on unification and pooling of returnable transport items within ECR Baltic (Efficient Consumer Response Initiative in the Baltic States) framework. The current economic situation simply forces us to maintain and develop our supply chain in a sustainable and cost effective way. 

Thus according to September – December 2011 RTI (Returnable Transport Items) Initiative meetings in Riga and Vilnius with participation of major retailers (Maxima, Rimi, Palink and Prisma) and dairy/meat manufacturers (Valio, Rakvere, Valmieras Piens, Rīgas piena kombināts, Rīgas piensaimnieks, Pieno Zvaigzdes, Zemaitijos Pienas) it was decided to start unification with dairy produce categories by implementing 3 crates set for standardization of dairy produce followed by crates set for meat, bakery, fruits and vegetables. As a second step towards unification is to agree on dimensions of proposed “Baltic Standard for Returnable Transport Items” followed by examining business models and tendering potential solution providers for specific crates solutions, pool and RTI management services.


ECR Europe 2012 Conference: Retailers and manufacturers on stage

Retailers and manufacturers on stage in Brussels!
Top speakers from many of the biggest names on the European consumer goods scene are set to take part in this year's ECR Europe Conference & Marketplace. 
Retailing giants such as Ahold, Tesco, Sainsbury and Casino will be joined on the platform by leading manufacturers including Nestlé, Unilever, Henkel and L'Oréal


New video for the Italian training

Indicod-Ecr has made a new video in order to better promote the training programme 2012. An innovative concept to make it more effective and forceful.

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First ECR Russia Shrinkage Conference - Strategy and Tactics of Shrinkage Reduction

The ECR Russia Shrinkage Conference "Retail Security 2012: Strategy and Tactics of Shrinkage Reduction" was held on 24 November 2011 in Moscow, Russia. It's first conference in Russia on retail loss prevention topic. The organizer of this initiative - ECR Russia Shrinkage Committee, its community numbers about 100 members, almost FMCG, DIY, consumer electronics, fashion retailers and manufacturers.
This event was attended by 103 delegates, experts from the leading retailers:
Auchan, Azbuka vkusa, Hyperglobus, Dixy, L'Etual, Metro C&C, Maratex, O'Key, Sportmaster, Starik Hottabych, ATAK, X5 Retail Group, IKEA, Detskiy mir, Euroset etc. 


The findings of Global Compliance Survey 2010

Optimize your supply chain by utilizing standards - The findings of Global Compliance Survey 2010

The Consumer Goods Forum has just released the Global Compliance Survey 2010.

IBM has analysed the strategy of 664 Supply Chain Executives. Be a visionary, unveil visibility with collaborative insight through the help of standards to stand at the cutting edge of your industry.

Download the survey.
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